Diamond Dogs House of Grooming is my dog grooming studio in London, Ontario!  I’ll work on almost any sized dog, from 3 pound Yorkshire Terriers to 100+ pound Newfoundland Dogs, and everything in between.  If I can lift your pet, and it’ll fit in my purpose-built dog bathing tub, I’ll work on it!  I may be a smaller guy, but I’m stronger than I look!

Each “full groom” includes the following services: nail trim and / or grind (to smooth sharp edges); ear cleaning; hand “stripping” of coat, if required (additional charges may apply); de-matting of coat, as necessary (additional charges may apply); sanitary area trimming; shampoo and conditioner suited to your pet, including medicated or flea shampoos as needed; blow-drying; professional pet styling; and an optional light spritz of “Stink Bomb” or similar pet cologne to help maintain that “freshly-groomed” smell a bit longer.

I also offer an inexpensive “bath & buff” option.  This is just a quick brushing, bathing and blow-dry to freshen your fur-baby up between full grooms.  See our “Services” page for pricing details.

Every dog gets a fresh bandana (colourful bow-ties; butterfly ties or standard ties are available for an additional small fee) to “finish” their fresh, new look!

I am a graduate of Pets Beautiful School of Styling, located in London, Ontario.  While grooming may be a newer career for me, working with dogs is not!  I have been a life-long dog owner, with my family getting our first dog shortly after I was born, some 40+ years ago.  In the last few years, I have also fostered 30 dogs (and 1 cat) through All Breed Canine Rescue, a local dog (and cat) rescue organization, as well as providing an excellent home (if I do say myself ha-ha!) for 3 of my own rescued dogs, plus 3 rescued cats!

I have also driven legs on the “Rescue Run” dog transport from Windsor to Guelph, with “Open Arms Rescue”, from Michigan, USA.  This helps save dogs from the US that are perfectly adoptable, they just had the misfortune of winding up in a “high-kill” shelter, where they’re kept for a very short period of time, usually 3—5 days, and if not released to a rescue organization, sponsored, or adopted out, they are euthanized.  Two of my dogs, Renny and Diamond (the namesake for this endevour) both came to Canada via this rescue organization.  (Thanks for that, Lucy Moye!)

Many of the foster dogs that I have cared for came in with emotional or physical issues that needed to be attended to, so I am well-versed at dealing compassionately with dogs who fear-bite (or try); dogs with physical limitations or health conditions, that can make grooming a challenge for them, including arthritis or similar age-related issues; as well as just your everyday kind of dog that was fortunate enough to have been raised in a loving home environment.

I like to make friends with my clients and their Moms and Dads!  If Mom and Dad are comfortable and friendly with me, their fur-baby will feed off that, and will be more relaxed and willing to accept me as their friend, rather than someone to be afraid of.  Plus, I’m happy to bribe your dog with healthy, low calorie, natural treats, provided by NatuRAWls, from Aylmer Ontario! www.rawforpets.net/ or www.naturawls.ca)  All treats are reviewed and approved by Mom and Dad prior to feeding.

I look very forward to making friends with you and your dog!